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FADI-IMS Inspection Services

In today's production industry, having a reliable inspection process to increase quality control is very important for many reasons. However, accurate 3D scanners can guarantee very precise data from the first time in order to perform the inspection analysis. This eliminates iterations/tuning loops and quickly derives the proper corrective action without slowing down time to market targets. The GOM Inspect software is a powerful tool for detailed evaluations of 3D data. It enables users to easily inspect to CAD, scan data (old part to new part), and/or multiple parts with a variety of features: Surface and section comparison, (GD&T) Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing and finally create detailed reports of your results.

3D Scanning provides fast solutions with sensors and analysis software to many industrial areas. 3D scanners basically measure the geometries of a physical part in order to digitize it. The data is commonly exported as a point cloud in STL file format. This data is used for a variety of purposes: inspection analysis, reverse engineering, CAD recovery, and more.

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