Material Testing

Tension Testing_FADI-IMS
    A wide array of standard qualification testing (material suppliers, Tier-1 & 2 suppliers, OEMs), material evaluation, and customized development-type testing & analysis (with DIC & Optical Metrology)...

  • Test Types/Modes: Tension, Bending, Sheet Formability, Biaxial, Bulge, Tension/Compression, Fracture, Friction & more...

  • Test Samples: Miniature, Standard & Oversized

  • Test Conditions: Ambient, Subzero & High Temperatures

  • Test Speed/Rates: Quasi-Static, Intermediate & High (crash)

  • Materials: Steels & AHSSs, Aluminium, Titanium, Polymers & Composites, Additive & Other Advanced Materials...

  • Material Forms: Sheets, Plates, Thin Foils, Adhesive Joints, Bolt & Rivet Joints, Weld Lines...

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