FADI-IMS: GOM Volume Inspect Pro

GOM Volume Inspect Pro

(Complete CT data analysis in 3D!)

The GOM Volume Inspect Pro with its innovative 3D volume renderer and a 3D visualization of all cross-sectional images allows you to look inside your part and analyze geometries, voids or internal structures and assembly situations. With the intuitive operation and high performance, CT data analysis has never been easier!

Features & Capabilities

FADI-IMS: GOM Volume Inspect Pro
Inspecting Internal Features

GOM Inspect Suite 2020 includes a new function for volume rendering, which visualizes the whole part including the internal structures. You can cut the object and view it layer by layer.

Trend Analysis on Volume Data

With GOM Volume Inspect Pro, you can also load volume data of any number of parts into a project, execute a trend analysis and compare the analysis with CAD data. The software intuitively offers you all available analyses of features and defects with a single mouse click.

You get interactive 3D views with the information you are interested in—and all results are listed in an easy-to-generate measuring report, which automatically updates itself when new data is available.