FADI-IMS in Jordan
Who we are at FADI-IMS

  • FADI-IMS is focused on supplying the state-of-the-art industrial metrology systems and all related services to the Middle East. Strong partnerships with GOM GmbH and other Manufacturers enables FADI-IMS to support industrial enterprises & research institutions in the Middle East with the latest generations of German Engineered precision 3D scanning & inspection systems.

  • The wide range of industrial metrology systems that we supply covers: 3D blue light optical scanning systems, photogrammetry systems, non-contact deformation measurement systems, optical motion tracking & probing systems, integrated material testing systems, 3D computer tomography scanning systems, high speed videography systems.

  • In addition to supplying metrology systems, FADI-IMS performs 3D scanning, photogrammetry and deformation tracking services at customer sites for reverse engineering and inspection purposes.

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