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  • FADI-IMS is focused on supplying the state-of-the-art industrial metrology systems and all related services to the Middle East. Strong partnerships with GOM GmbH and other Manufacturers enables FADI-IMS to support industrial enterprises & research institutions in the Middle East with the latest generations of German Engineered precision 3D scanning & inspection systems.

  • The wide range of industrial metrology systems that we supply covers: 3D blue light optical scanning systems, photogrammetry systems, non-contact deformation measurement systems, optical motion tracking & probing systems, integrated material testing systems, 3D computer tomography scanning systems, high speed videography systems.

  • In addition to supplying metrology systems, FADI-IMS performs 3D scanning, photogrammetry and deformation tracking services at customer sites for reverse engineering and inspection purposes.

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FADI-IMS Past Events; YES … 2D DIC is Still Powerful & Effective for Many Material Testing Applications!

YES … 2D DIC is Still Powerful & Effective for Many Material Testing Applications!

26th August, 2021

In a recent webinar hosted by ASM International, we presented several cases in which 2D DIC could be used effectively for in-plane mechanical testing, and we showed ...

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FADI-IMS Past Events; How Effective is 2D DIC in Material Testing?

How Effective is 2D DIC in Material Testing?

27th April, 2021

Digital image correlation (DIC) has become an important tool in material testing practices for the advanced characterization of materials in a wide range of applications.

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FADI-IMS Past Events; High Strain Rate Tension Testing of Lightweight Materials

High Strain Rate Tension Testing of Lightweight Materials for Automotive Crash Simulations

12th November 2020

This webinar/demo sheds some light on the topic of high strain rate testing, and provides information supported by examples on how reliable high speed material ....

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The Technologies We Bring to You...

FADI-IMS Technologies; Blue Light 3D Scanning

Blue Light 3D Scanning

GOM ATOS non-contact 3D scanners using structured blue light provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speeds!

Automated Scanning & Inspection

Robotized ATOS SCANBOXES for automated scanning and inspection to meet the demands of high production and high precision environments.

FADI-IMS Technologies; Component Motion Tracking

Component Motion Tracking

GOM ARAMIS/PONTOS sensors replace hundreds of position sensors & accelerometers without compromising precision … The best part is being “non-contact”!

Material Deformation Measurements

GOM ARAMIS enables full-field deformation analysis of materials and components through the principles of digital image correlation (DIC)... Materials R&D efforts are completely transformed with ARAMIS!

FADI-IMS Technologies; Sheet Metal Forming Analysis

Sheet Metal Forming Analysis

GOM ARGUS Photogrammetry provides a fast and reliable forming analysis for the evaluation of sheet metal components

FADI-IMS Technologies; Photogrammetry

Portable Coordinate Measurements

With GOM TRITOP, traditional tactile measurements are replaced by non-contact measurements with a highly portable system … the bonus is much larger scales of measurements are now feasible!

FADI-IMS Technologies; Inspection


GOM Inspect Pro … a very powerful software for processing scanning data, mesh editing, inspection, CAD importing, GD&T analysis, and more …


GOM Correlate Pro is world leading digital image correlation (DIC) software for constructing the history of material deformation & failure.

OnSite Metrology Services...

3D Scanning of parts & components, post-processing of scanning data for reverse engineering & fabrication, photogrammetry of, material & component deformation and motion tracking measurements, and any other related OnSite Service...

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Other OnSite Services...

Site evaluation and consultation, Metrology System selection to fit your needs, system installation, training, technical support, system upgrades, maintenance and repair.

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Software and Analysis...

Dedicated software for post-processing of scanning data (for reverse engineering applications), inspection of parts & components (for quality control), digital image correlation (for evaluation of material deformation).

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